Dilkara Australia – reinvented!

Welcome to Dilkara Australia and Dilkara Australia – Original Formula, the all new Dilkara blog written by me, for you, and about everything Dilkara!

I am so very excited to bring you my new 100% Australian Indigenous hair care brand and soon to be released other Dilkara products.

Where did Dilkara come from I hear you ask?

If you know me you know I think a lot…A LOT!

So there I was sitting in my hairdressing salon Dilkara Hair pondering life, thinking of my heritage and assessing where the 32 years in the hairdressing Industry has taken me.

There are the age-old questions of “Where am I?” and “What am I here for?”
And I began to think about life, challenges and everything hair and this motivated me to think…

I knew I hadn’t achieved everything in my life and I wanted to do something that would inspire me, inspire others around me (including my community) and see the passion in my life grow into something unique….

I sat and thought about my Industry experience, my culture and my Australia, and I decided to bring all of the elements together and start a project that would impact, educate and excite a global community.

I wished to create a range of products that would bring the knowledge of Indigenous Australia forward and plop it fair on the center stage of the world!

I began to study hair, hair products, the ingredients, and the benefits whilst seeking the advice of experts to assist in the creation of Australia’s first Indigenous hair care range formulated by a Hair Educator, Salon Owner and Creative Artist.

So this is where the Dilkara Australia – Original Formula story began and in true respect to my heritage, Welcome to Dilkara!


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Dilkara Australia and Dilkara Australia – Original Formula was created to provide a high quality and superior product to the global consumer community and the cultural heritage of Indigenous Australians; with the inclusion of intellectually protected natural bush essence blends unique to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia.

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